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Trust The Taste of

Authentic Dry Fish

We are online market of Prawn Pickle, Shrimp Chutney and variety of dry fish products

100% Natural

Natural source of drying is sun drying to preserve the taste and authenticity of the product

One Stop Shop

We are single point of fish catch from fisherman’s net to drying to final product.


Partnering with women's savings group to present homely taste to our products

No Chemical or preservatives

We do not believe in disturbing the natural contents, hence no colour, no chemical, no added salt.

About Fofizon

Enhanced Buying Experience

Fofizon was started with an intention of providing a quality product at your home without you having to step into local fish market as that might be awful experience for some due to smelly and unhealthy conditions around.

Partners with women's savings group

We do maintain hygienic conditions and product quality with same local fisherwoman through their women’s savings group by educating them and making them aware on cleanliness at workplace and under continuous supervision.

Naturally Preserved

We focus on natural preservation of our products and we do not use chemical or salt for preservation. Hence the quality of the product is maintained throughout from manufacturing day to expiry day

Konkan Food Bazar

We do partner with KOKAN FOOD BAZAR chain of outlets as an offline market place for our processed foods of Fresh Prawn Pickle and Shrimp Chutney

Our Products

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